Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arm & Hammer (Smiley 360 Mission)

Loving the Arm & Hammer product I've received for FREE!

I've already shared with close family, friends and strangers face to face.

But now, I am reaching out to the online world (Can you hear me?)

I've received the following, for Free . . .

And this product is AWESOME!! :) Check this out!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Online Classes

Thinking back to the days of  Community College.

I was rushing through courses to just move on to the next college!

Today, as I sit here taking an online course . . just for fun . . I am taking my time and still manage to pass the module one test!!

I purchased a course for myself.
Made the time to complete the module and the test.
BOTH in one day!

I may not complete a novel after this course, but I will have fun taking it!

I've promised to do MORE for me . . . here's to a new year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Swearing & Scratch Tickets (EXPLICIT CONTENT!!)

Swearing (even something as simple as damn or hell ) are terms that Junior will completely meltdown over. I mean, storm out of the room/up to his bedroom and have a full blown sob fest!

I grew up in a home where swearing was acceptable, after the age of 8,9,10, well actually it probably was at about 10 that my parents stopped punishing my younger brother and I for "swearing"

When I am ranting to Daddy and even slip out the occasion "the damn guy cut me off. . " Junior  has run away and started to cry. It has annoyed me to the point, that I snapped. I literally said to my boyfriend: "Guess what, I am a fucking adult. And if I slip and swear, its okay!" and he agreed. Then I continued on "I'm not going to feel guilty when I slip and say that something sucks, you look sexy, or the fucking jackass cut me off while driving downtown on the way to school." However, if I ever was to snap and swear AT Junior, then I should feel guilty. I should feel like a bad parent. That is when Daddy said: "Lets talk to Junior and find out why he continues to cry over swearing."

So that is where the conversation began, Junior & Daddy and I all sat down for a conversation about adults, swearing and why its NOT okay to completely break down when someone slips, says a swear and then apologizes.

Junior flat out looked down at the table, and said: "I just don't like when you guys fight or swear because it reminds me of Momma when she is mean." and from there he walked away from the table, played with his toys and it wasn't mentioned again . . .

Until December 23rd . . Daddy and I grabbed lottery tickets for a few last minute add-ons to gifts. and treated ourselves to a couple as well. As we began to scratch the tickets, Junior flew out of the room crying and slammed his bedroom door shut.

Round two, as an adult I tried talking to Junior & Daddy about what happened and his response was exactly the same as the one about cursing. "I just don't want you and Daddy to be like Momma and spend all your money and time scratching those tickets that she always buys. I don't like those, and I don't like when she buys those."  . . . of course that answer came after a good 20 minutes (or more) of him crying and hiding in his bedroom.

Parents, Guardians, etc.  . . . I ask you this, "How do you handle meltdowns over things that are acceptable, not completely inappropriate, and hope that the child doesn't become scarred for life over a curse word or a lottery ticket?"

*Side Note* December 19th was my birthday. My parents purchased me a tank top that reads:
"I am not always a Bitch. Just kidding, Go Fuck Yourself"  . . . . And Junior ready the "b-word" while I opened the gift and flew out of control into a meltdown . . . So there are somethings that Daddy and I simply cant control. Including drunk relatives at family parties and Christmas. . . . What is the solution???