Monday, March 9, 2015

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?" is often a phrase we hear over and over again in the car.
Most of the time, we have surprise days where only the adults know the destination.

Surprise trips are best for the adults (selfishly)
But no matter where we are headed in the car, we need something to entertain the Junior!

I will admit that I love reading! And I will admit that I have tried to listen to audio books in the past.
However, I enjoy reading much more.

Last week while at the library, Junior and I walked by the audio books section.
We found some "Magic Tree House" books and "The Cricket in Times Square"
I figured we would give the audio books a whirl. . . .

Unexpectedly, they were a huge hit!
(Even Daddy and myself enjoyed the Cricket one!)

This morning, on the ride to school, we popped in the "Magic Tree House" one.
I don't care for this one as much, but it is still cute!

Morning radio is definitely not appropriate for little ears.
These audio books (cds) have really helped over the last week.
I hope to find others that interest Junior.

Any audio books that you have listened to?
Any that are entertaining for kids? (young and/or old)