Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Shopping

Winter has . . . wait, let's not jinx it!
Here in New England, we had a rough winter. (Well, just a lot of snow all at once)

Now that we don't need boots, hat, coat, gloves & sweatshirts. . . we have moved on to the shorts, tshirts, sneakers and bathing suits (Almost!)

However, having a 9 year old boy . . . (a very stylish one) . . . makes the change of seasonal clothing difficult. Everything we bought last year, doesn't fit this year! Ugh!

So we took a special day and went shopping.
I consider myself to be frugal, while Daddy is very careless (when it comes to shopping)

Junior and I went to a few stores during April vacation.
We picked up some shorts & tanks. We even grabbed some flip flops.

A week or two later, I hopped on The Children's Place website. (Not advertising for them)
And I was able to find a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, and a hat for $18 shipped!!

Now, I did need to go and return a bathing suit that we paid $14 for (at another store) because I thought we did so well shopping online. The package arrived and Junior started modeling.

Thank You to The Children's Place for not emptying our bank account AND putting a smile on our child's face!!

Where do you buy quality but financially friendly clothing for your growing boys? (and girls!)

Summer Pouting OR Summer Reading

I wonder if these 4th grade teachers understand what they are doing to us parents. . .

While Junior is going to a new district this 2015/2016 school year, we are challenged with our first Summer Reading assignment, and he MUST read one of the three choices on the list. Unfortunately, he does NOT enjoy writing about what he has read! Even worse than writing, he does NOT enjoy being told what books to read. Lucky for all of us, Junior does enjoy reading!

The book they must read is Frindle (for his reading level) and they need to write about their thoughts while reading each day. Of course, he just wants to read and get it over with, forget about the writing part.

I've allowed Junior to take 30 different books home from the library and read.
I've also allowed him to share reading with Daddy & myself. (taking turns reading a page)
I've bribed encouraged reading for 30 minutes = ice cream!

My biggest fear is that this book is not going to be completed (along with the notes packet) before school starts in August.

The point of this post. . . .
I'm hoping that some parents will respond and let me know what they have done to encourage their children to read books they are not interested in. Even as a previous teacher, it's difficult for me to come up with creative ideas to encourage reading Frindle. What do you have for ideas?