Thursday, April 2, 2015

Online Safety for Children

Junior turned 9 this weekend.
And he is a young nine.
By that I mean, he is too young for what he WANTS to watch, play & do.
Whatever us adults claim is appropriate for him, he believes is too childish.

After reviewing a "vlog" on youtube that he has been watching, I was in shock!
I swore I heard the word vagina and then read the word porn.

Well, my eyes and ears were NOT playing tricks on me.
I also learned how to style a "metro" hair-do (after watching only two videos)

Daddy and I reviewed the listing of videos by a specific "youtuber" as our 9 year old calls him.
And we were in shock together. Actually, Daddy was disgusted!

We now have put a ban on youtube, unless one of us is present while viewing videos.
(along with the parental controls already set on the ipad)

What do you do as parents to protect your children while browsing online?
Do you make sure to sit with them when they are watching videos? 
Is there certain criteria that you use when evaluating what the kids watch?

Please share!

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