Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Shopping

Winter has . . . wait, let's not jinx it!
Here in New England, we had a rough winter. (Well, just a lot of snow all at once)

Now that we don't need boots, hat, coat, gloves & sweatshirts. . . we have moved on to the shorts, tshirts, sneakers and bathing suits (Almost!)

However, having a 9 year old boy . . . (a very stylish one) . . . makes the change of seasonal clothing difficult. Everything we bought last year, doesn't fit this year! Ugh!

So we took a special day and went shopping.
I consider myself to be frugal, while Daddy is very careless (when it comes to shopping)

Junior and I went to a few stores during April vacation.
We picked up some shorts & tanks. We even grabbed some flip flops.

A week or two later, I hopped on The Children's Place website. (Not advertising for them)
And I was able to find a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, and a hat for $18 shipped!!

Now, I did need to go and return a bathing suit that we paid $14 for (at another store) because I thought we did so well shopping online. The package arrived and Junior started modeling.

Thank You to The Children's Place for not emptying our bank account AND putting a smile on our child's face!!

Where do you buy quality but financially friendly clothing for your growing boys? (and girls!)

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