Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"I've been an Angel all year . . "

While driving home from picking a tree, last Friday night (yes, I know I am behind) Junior sings Santa Baby with me, while Daddy is in the backseat, holding the tree and laughing.

Is it bad, wrong, terrible, unacceptable, odd that I told my boyfriends 8 year old child (Junior) that I want a diamond ring, baby and new car for Christmas? . . . I don't think so!

I don't think it is odd/wrong/terrible/unacceptable for multiple reasons.
1. It is the truth
2. None of those things are inappropriate
3. Junior, Daddy and myself all laughed when Junior told Daddy what I am wishing for.

A few nights go by, and Junior says: "I really want a baby brother in her stocking too!"

Fast forward a few more days.
Daddy and I are sitting in the kitchen with my mother (who is DONE with her Christmas shopping) and he says to me, "I really need your Christmas wish list, can you remind me again about the things you wanted/need."

I gave him NO ideas during that conversation and I really don't like to have a wish list for him and Junior  when they go shopping for me. I want a gift that comes from the heart, and something that they pick to give me. (plus, its more of a challenge that way!)

Today, Daddy and I spent the morning together and he says: "I know you want that Secret Garden book, or whatever it is but I really need to know the name of it."

So I pull up the amazon site, and give him two ideas. Two things that I would like, but don't need.
1. Magic Garden coloring book
2. Family of 3 necklace

Doesn't mean that Santa needs to bring me those. But I do like both and that is all I really have for ideas.

But the most important text that I sent to Daddy today said:
Please, do not buy me another stuffed animal, slippers, bath robe or shoes.

What does your wish list look like? Do you and your significant other buy gifts for each other? We typically do, but this year we want to save for a bathtub & mattress (to finish our master bathroom, and sleep well)

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