Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Elf Might Have the Magic to Disappear!

This week I have seen multiple "status" updates on Facebook about the creepy Elf of the Shelf.

After posting about the return of our Elf, I have convinced myself that THIS is the last year for our Elf. For many reasons!

The Elf has been re-named "Tin-Tin" (a nickname Junior had as toddler)
He showed up Thanksgiving night. Arriving in an adorable mailbox (from the dollar store)
and he even was wearing the winter outfit (scarf and skates) that Junior left out for him.

The first night (Thursday) was great! Tin-Tin showed up in the mailbox, on Junior's desk, right next to his Christmas tree.

Then came Friday, I woke up to Junior in my face, bright and early, screaming "MY ELF IS HERE AND HE IS IN MY ROOM!". . . Daddy was lucky enough to be at work! That night,  we needed to find a way to move Tin-Tin to another location....That is when I became Anti-Elf! (the early morning wake up call didn't help!)

Daddy and I were talking bickering about who was going to SNEAK into Junior's  bedroom and re-locate Tin-Tin. At that point, Daddy looked at me and said "I am done with the sneaking around and playing games with this THING!"  Together, we moved the Elf, but he made me stand at Junior's bed, making sure he didn't wake up, while Daddy snuck over and moved the Elf downstairs to hang out in the enormous bag of wrapping paper!

It gets better . . . Not only did we need to find a new spot for him, but we also needed to respond to a letter (thanks to the 2nd grade teacher last year! the same one who brought in the Annalee Elf) After multiple failed attempts and faking creating our letter, Daddy  decided he would write (cursive) really small and on a ripped up piece of paper. So, that was the letter! (2 hours after our mini-debate!) I brought the letter downstairs, rolled it up and stuffed it into Tin-Tin's hands.

"Elfing" night #2 was complete! And Junior  woke up extremely disappointed Saturday morning because Tin-Tin didn't answer all of his questions that were in the letter. (HUGE FAILURE!)

Saturday, Tin-Tin came back again. This time he was hiding out in the Christmas lights down stairs. No gifts, no letters, and a very irritated Daddy. I looked right at him and said, "This is the last year!" and we began a conversation about Junior and his beliefs.
Sunday night, Daddy and I were heading to get a midnight snack from the freezer, when I realized we still didn't hide the stupid Elf. So I grabbed him, threw him in the fridge and we went to bed. We both completely forgot that he was in there, until Junior went to pour himself some milk in his cereal. Opened the fridge door and let out a little "ah" . . . the Elf freaked him out a little bit!

Monday night, we were feeling the same way. Bored with this Elf thing, feeling like it could just disappear and we would be okay with it. I grabbed him out of the fridge, and threw him on our wreath on the door.

Enough is enough! . . . I am jealous of those parents without an Elf on the Shelf!

This morning, while waiting for the library to open, I read three more posts on Facebook about "elf" mischief and complaints! I'm proud of the mothers who choose not to get an elf. Just wish I had the strength to say no in the first place.

Another mother posted, her son's teacher has the elf in class. her son touched it to make it lose magic and disappear because it gives him nightmares.

Then, in response to one of the posts . . . a friend of a friend posted this blog: I Killed my Elf on the Shelf by Kasey Van Norman . . . After reading that post . . .

No more elf after this year! And, Tin-Tin will only be making appearances in our home (no gifts, no treats, no crazy elf-antics!) . . .

Sorry Junior,  but I have to say, that I agree with Daddy and a whole lot of other Mommies!!!

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