Thursday, November 20, 2014

Elfy . . . Pronounced "EL-FEE"

Last year, Elfy twisted in the lights around the window

He also hung out in Junior's stocking!
(I think he also made his way into the doggy one at one point too!)

This year . . . who knows where he will end up hiding!
. . . . Yes, Elfy is just about to make his debut back in time for the real start of the Christmas season.

That's right folks, AFTER Thanksgiving!

We will not turn our Christmas lights on until November 28th!
We will not begin our hunt for a tree until the first week of December.
And Elfy will not make his appearance until . . . . Thanksgiving night!

However, we did get a head start on our Christmas shopping.
And Daddy brought our Target flyer with us. . . you know the fabulous TOY catalog.
We carefully went over the circled items together. Knowing Junior knows he wont get EVERYTHING that he circled.

Next week will be teacher conferences, and we know he has had an awesome beginning to the school year. So Daddy picked out this little token, Winter Outfit
This will be Elfy's new outfit I'm sure!

Junior also asked for this Aviator Set, which will be the outfit he arrives in Thanksgiving night

I wouldn't put it past Junior to combine the two outfits as well!
Cant wait to update with pictures of our creepy Elfy in his new attire!

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