Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gardening = Commitment

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" ~ Audrey Hepburn

And with that said, gardening is my biggest hope in my life right now.
After the last year, the rough patches, and a difficulty believing in myself,
I have found that gardening is something that makes me proud!
(especially when all else fails)

When we moved into the new house, there was this lame "sunroom"
and I wasn't too sure about it. It was small, cold and seemed like a waste of space.
However, this "room" is one of my favorite places to be.

I've decorated the room with a Keurig machine, K-cups, mugs and a toaster on one long table.
And against the "windows" I have placed a table from my father's deceased mother (Grammy)
On that table, I have chosen sunflowers to be the quilted table runner.

I love the room. But what I love even more about that room, is what I do in there.
It has been taken over by seed packets, popsicle sticks for labeling, stray black markers and
of course, a HUGE variety of planters, pots and containers.

Now that yard sale season is over, I've begun a hobby in miniature/fairy gardening.
I want to grow my seeds in the sunroom, purchase plants from other greenhouses and begin this new hobby unlike most others. With this hobby, I am going to COMPLETE my projects!

We have completed one Gnome garden already! I cant wait to post pictures.

But so far, a lot of seeds are beginning to sprout and there is plenty of green coming from the ivy cuttings and the herbs I have brought inside.

Hoping for a success with these plants, that are always seeming to keep me busy :)

Water, Sunshine, Repeat!

(Maybe I was a plant in a previous life. I do love my showers & sunshine!!)

Clematis - an outdoor plant, but it was BEAUTIFUL this year!

Some of my beginner herbs! They are growing out of control

Parsley, front & center ;) With a few more pots in the back.

Everything about this room screams NATURAL, the wood on the wall, the dark green floor, and of course all of these plants. Like the succulent above :) Don't know the name for it, but it is constantly shooting off new pieces.

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