Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween (a little late)

This year was a first for us.  .  .  .  . as we are still trying to make our own traditions and settle down into our new life as a family of three (full time).

We decided to give trick or treating a whirl and come up with a plan of some sort. So we started off by visiting aunts, uncles, 'grandparents', another aunt, and Junior suggested that he wanted to go "real trick or treating, like the kind where you go to someone's door and say 'trick or treat'"

So we did. We left my aunts house, hit a few houses in her neighborhood and he was thrilled! Daddy, not so much! But he let him do it anyway and watched us from in the car!

Our last stop was at a close family friends house. She gave Junior a couple of special Halloween sugar cookies, a Lego friends kit, some candy, and of course she shared her TV and frozen pizza with him as well.

Seriously, I love our extended family, and over generous friends. Nights like Halloween made me happy this year. Seeing that smile on our child's face, knowing that we did something with him that made him that happy. . . . Satisfaction!

(and as a side note, EVERYONE knew he was Clark Kent and loved his costume. . . felt good to take the credit for that too!)

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