Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Shopping. . . Yuck!

Being a Stay At Home "MOM" has its advantages. And definitely some disadvantages as well.

Shopping any day, during school & without children is definitely a HUGE bonus!
Especially when you have to buy those sneaky gifts that they MUST not know you bought.
*cough cough* stocking stuffers *cough cough*

This year Daddy decides that he will join me in shopping for Junior!
Definitely put a huge smile on my face.
1. Because he is helping
2. Because I think it is important for him to choose a gift for HIS son
3. Because he will understand the stress level of getting gifts that the child wants (not what HE wants, as an adult)

However, I have been selfish and wanted to make Christmas shopping into a date night.
You know, NO kids and checking out the sparkly stuff in the stores and walking through a mall with all of the stores decorated pretty . . . AFTER Thanksgiving.

Well, that didn't happen. We ended up going shopping with our 9 month old great nephew.
(He was very well behaved!)  And we ended up going on a Monday, during the day, in the POURING rain!. . . . Not as "romantic" as I had hoped. But we did make the best of it!

Three great things that came out of this trip:
1. Daddy picked some really cool gifts for Junior
2. We spent time together with the baby, which I love watching him with the little man!
3. Daddy now understands why I go shopping during the week, during school and even in the rain!

(oh yeah, #4. Daddy also treated me to a lunch and helped with groceries since we were already out!)

I think know that I have an amazing boyfriend.
And Junior has an amazing daddy!

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