Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall, September is coming to an end!

"Crunching Crinkling, Autumn Leaves, Spiraling Swirling, in the Breeze"

Yesterday afternoon, it was 80 degrees here in Massachusetts. A beautiful fall day, but much hotter than our average fall weather. I wrote the above poem on our outdoor chalk board, as we decorated the front porch!

We did our Sunday trip to the flea market. Bought an adorable antique sled (for decorating the porch in the winter). Then we headed in a different direction to pick some Apples.

I've been enjoying my Pumpkin coffee, watching the leaves change color and taking in the smell of crisp fall air. But I really wanted to do some apple picking and fall decorations yesterday.

This was the first week that I had done our football picks, on my own! I also have managed to get back into reading.

I've been using the internet for some help with great books to read. I use pinterest, amazon and our library's online catalog. I find a book I liked, search for similar books on amazon and pinterest, then I log on the library site and search for the book title. Once I find the title, I request for the library to hold the book for me. . . I receive a text when the book is available, pick it up during my errands and return home to enjoy a good book (with my pumpkin coffee, of course!)

I'm really hoping to figure out how to post pictures. I've been using my phone for photos a lot lately! Considering doing a 365 project! But that is a HUGE commitment for me.

Our chalkboard, mums, wagon & corn stalks!

(edit: added AFTER Halloween)

The colors changing :) LOVE!

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