Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time Out for Parents!

Staying home all the time . . . SUCKS!

It is horrible when I drop the boy off at school, come home, do the chores, pick him up at school, and come home to finish dishes and laundry.

Dad gets to meet new customers, have a social life with his employees, and enjoy the life of commuting for work. (Okay, I may not be jealous about the last part)

But after Daddy spent 3 solid days on the couch this weekend, he definitely understood where I am coming from (boredom - depression - irritable - etc.) He just wanted to get in the car and go for a drive.

We have had multiple conversations about adults (me and daddy) needed time out sometimes. We just need to sit in a room with the door shut and RELAX. However, realistically this never happens.

I explained to Daddy that I want to take a non-credit course. So, I signed up for an Art class! A stress-relief, Zentangle class. Sounds interesting right? Well. . . I wont know for a few weeks. But I am extremely excited to try something new, and get out!

I've also been talking with a close friend of mine and we are going to begin a Girls Night. Dinner, Crafts, Movies, Chat. . Whatever. I couldn't be more excited for that either. Not only is it a night for me to get away, but also a night for the boys to spend together!

Feels to me like we are heading down the right path.

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