Monday, September 22, 2014

Plenty of time, Not enough energy!

Today, 7:30am, 8 month old nephew arrives to be taken care of. 7:45, we are off to drop Junior off at school. 8:05, the baby and I are at Wal Mart, picking up prescriptions for Junior. The baby fell asleep once back in the car and I drove around until 9:00, dropping by the bank to deposit a check (which will disappear by tomorrow) Baby was picked up around 12:45 and I was exhausted. Not because the baby is a lot of work, but because I ran around this morning and didn't sleep last night.

The lack of sleep is kicking my ass more than any crying baby ever could!

However, today I don't want to be a stay at home mom (it changes daily). Then, I read this . . . The following is NOT written by me, but really made me realize that I am not alone!! (YAY!) My response to all of this, is written in pink

1. The title "Stay Home" is a passive-aggressive term. There is nothing flattering, glamorous or remotely attractive about the word "stay." "Too Much Woman to Be Confined to a Cubicle Farm" works better. I swear, it doesn't matter how many times I get my nails done, hair cut/colored, buy a new outfit or attempt a brazillian wax . . . STILL not flattering to stay home!
2. Apparently, you are expected to be "at home" for some parts of the day; particularly those parts when children under the age of 12 are in your care.
3. Repairmen are not sexy in any way. Glad to know, I am NOT the only one disappointed by these creepy/dirty old repairmen. Why can't we have a sexy delivery guy, or someone gorgeous delivering appliances? Just doesn't happen!
4. Nothing very exciting happens. But you need to talk, so the best entertainment is gossip and backstabbing. It is unavoidable and addictive. Being home, I don't even know the latest gossip or backstabbing. I just bitch. And who wants to talk to someone that complains ALL the time. (apparently the only friends I have left!)
5. People will say, "Well, its not like you're working or anything" just moments before they a) sign you up for lame volunteer duties at your child's school, b) dump their own brats on your doorstep, or c) redirect all their home deliveries to your front door (even the fertilizer order). Everyone thinks I will be available at ALL times. Especially when they are in need. Ex: old boss to watch her son, family friend who needs a ride to the doctor and mother, who wants me to let my brothers dog outside because I am home (always!)
6. Cleaning the house is not a problem, keeping it clean is. If the house is as clean at the end of the day as it was when you started, you win. If your child doesn't come in with muddy feet, they are sure to fill the sink with dirty dishes or the laundry room with dirty clothes (every child wears more than one outfit a day)
7. You cannot be late for anything, or with anything. You have nothing else to do. And that is me judging myself! I need to be early or exactly on time for everything! Even picking the boy up from school, must be there 20 minutes early to get a parking spot!
8. Your perceived intelligence drops by at least 50 IQ points. You may have run the computer science department at MIT before you decided to stay at home, but two weeks into the new job and your kids will be asking Dad for help on the family computer. If you ask the 8 year old, I don't know ANYTHING because I don't have a job. Pretty sure that the boyfriends family feels the same way. EXCEPT, reality check . . . I graduated with an Associates in Early Childhood Education AND a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. . . But I still know NOTHING. . .
9. You have no excuse for not exercising. Which also includes, no excuse for weight gain.
10. You have no excuse for not eating a healthy lunch. Because even when the fridge is empty, I can go to the grocery store and buy healthy food. (not really!)
11. You can be truly bored at the same time you are acknowledging that you could be exercising, cleaning the house or watching someone else's kids.
12. The minute you resign form your old position, they promote it to a higher level, increase the salary and bestow a fabulous new title on that bitch who took over from you. I'm not so sure about this one. I know one of my replacements is happy with her job, but she is actually getting paid . . when I wasn't!
13. Your husband either a) shirks all domestic duty, which makes you mad, or b) doesn't shirk any, making you feel guilty. Yay! Something new to fight about! My boyfriend has low expectations. He just wants his son safe & happy.
14. Your children expect you to be at their beck and call. Even in the middle of an emergency manicure, one is expected to drop everything and rush to the school over a perceived "sore stomach."
15. You now have time to launder the sheets. Even if family members are lined up to care for the child . . . some people forget they have a child to pick up! Then that said child, well he thinks you are the biggest piece of shit because YOU didn't show up to pick him up, obviously you were just sitting at home because you don't have a job or anything!
16. Even after 5 p.m., drinking with only children in the house is still considered to be "drinking alone." What, you had a hard day or something? Cant drink "alone" when you are home with the child, because who knows where you may have to bring that child!
17. Your children are no better behaved simply because you're the primary caregiver now. In fact, most often, they're worse. I have to disagree with this one! (so far!)
18. If you dress nicely, neighbours are suspicious. If you dress like a slob, you've let yourself go. If you dress too old, you're middle-aged before your time. If you dress too young, you're a slut.
19. Teachers expect you to be on top of the notes they send home. I couldn't agree with these last two more :( Unfortunately, this is the truth!
20. You're not supposed to be too tired for sex anymore. And if you are, all hell WILL break loose! 

This is what she said . . . (Where I found this information)

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