Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"How do you make a baby?"

As I mentioned in my introduction, Junior is very curios. Dad finds it hilarious when his son asks questions, that are way more difficult to answer! The other day, Dad and I were having a conversation. We want to get married, have a child together and live happily ever after.  As I said out loud: "How much longer do I need to wait, to have a baby?"

Junior: Exactly how do you make a baby?
Me: I'm not really sure, I have never had one of my own. (my face was turning one million shades of red from embarrassment) You should probably ask your mom. (the only answer I could get out of my mouth)
Junior: Well, does Dad suck on your boobs or something?
Me:  No, only babies suck on their moms boobs for food, after they are born.
Junior: Oh, well then HOW do you make a baby?
Me: Trust me buddy, you really don't want to know. You will be embarrassed and grossed out.

Junior left the room, went up to his dad and began asking questions. I finally let out a quiet sigh of relief and giggled to myself.

Later that night, I explained to Dad that Junior asked if babies are made by the Daddy sucking on the Mommy's boobs. And we both let out some laughter.

Oh, I am really not ready to explain this.

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