Wednesday, September 10, 2014

History & Introduction

Kids today have changed. . . . A lot!

Over the past year, my boyfriend and I have been raising his eight year old son. When I say his, I use that term loosely. Because back in 2012, we gained emergency custody of "Junior" and I became a "Mama" overnight.

My blog is going to have a very strong focus on conversations between me and the ever so curious Junior. Mostly because, I have NO idea how to answer his questions, even after becoming a preschool teacher. 8 years old is not in my area of interest . . . at all!

For a brief history of my family, I had known my current boyfriend for about fifteen years. (wow, I feel super old) And he had a son with a previous fling, producing this adorable little Junior. My boyfriend, lets call him Dad, and I had kissed in my parents garage when I was 17. Then we were just friends for about 5 years (of torture and crushes). Finally, I admitted that I kind of liked him and we started the kissing and such, all over again 3 and a half years ago.

Here we are today, the three of us . . . in a cozy home that Dad has rebuilt, to our liking. Junior is now 8 years old and Mama (me) is home all day, everyday taking care of him and our home.

And so begin the ramblings of an ex-preschool teacher. . . now turned Stay at home Mom!

(Let's just say, I never thought I would miss my classroom. . . but I do now!)

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