Thursday, September 11, 2014

Something other than Shopping

In a situation such as my own, this blended family if you wish to call it, I obviously have a psychiatrist. Let's call her Doc. Now that Junior is back to school, I have some extra free time on my hands. We don't want depression to creep back up on me (like it did last winter). I'm willing to make time for ME, but I don't know where to begin.

I thought about taking a class. Possibly a non-credit course. And started researching college courses in the area, and classes at our local trade school. Shit outta luck! There is a zentangle class, which seems cool . . . but hell, I can doodle, and draw on my own. Then I found an Overeaters Anonymous, which would be PERFECT, but it is only one night. So, lets go back to square one and begin planning again.

After getting a bachelors degree in college, I really don't want to go back and take real courses (expensive courses) because, lets face it . . I don't know who I want to be when I grow up. (Identity Crisis)

Looking at other options, Doc has suggested a yoga class, a writing course (perfect, if I could find one) and workshops for teaching.

While searching more online, I have found that Home Depot offers a free monthly "Do it herself" workshop. This month focuses on the entrance to your home. HELLO, that is just screaming for me to go and listen! Our front door is SCARY! (I will now need to upload a photo for proof)

My friends & family all have children of their own or went back to school to finish a degree they started 7 years ago when we graduated. And the other "family & friends", I just choose NOT to associate with (that's the truth!)

So what do "Stay at home Moms" do? Even though I don't have a child of my own, my routine looks a little something like this:

5:45am - Wake up with Dad and try to pull the covers back over my head while he gets ready
6:45am - My alarm goes off, and I jump in the shower (after scrolling through facebook)
7:05am - Wake up Junior and pull his sheets/blankets off of him (while still getting dressed myself)
7:10am- Breakfast for Junior, as well as making his lunch at the same time
7:30am - Still putting myself together, making sure that lunch and last nights homework are packed
7:40am - Running out the door to get Junior to school on time
8:00am - Drop off at school
8:15am- Arrive home from dropping off, and begin doing chores. (dishes, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.)
9:45-10:45am - Usually about the time that I am done getting everything done, depends on day!
11:00am-2:00pm- A huge block of free time that I don't know what to do with myself (I usually end up on pinterest, facebook and this blog)
2:30pm - Pick up the boy from school (3 days a week)
3:00pm - Snack & Homework with Junior
4:00pm - Trying to find an activity for him to keep busy until Dad gets home (usually lego building, chores, playing up in his room, playing with the neighbor boys, etc.)
5:00pm - Start preparing dinner, catching up on afternoon dishes and making sure the house is tidy
6:00pm - Dad has arrived home from work (usually) and started cooking dinner
7:00pm - Dinner time . . . sometimes earlier (if I try to cook) and sometimes later (if he is home late)
8:00pm - Bedtime for Junior

So that is just an AVERAGE day, nevermind the nights he goes to see his mother. Or the nights that we have an appointment for his counseling. HUGE curveball.

What can I do to fill in the spare time? Two days a week, I am alone from 11am-6pm and have no idea what to do. I want to try writing, sewing, gardening. . . SOMETHING! The only thing that keeps me busy and distracted is shopping. Which, I can only go shopping SO much.


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